Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The competition to win the Mercedes is closed but you might want to take a look at this site...

Hey, have you heard about the new “reverse” auction site
where the price goes down with each bid, instead of up?

Go to this site ... and click on the word Xpress . . .

Okay, scroll down a bit and you’ll see a bunch of different auctions. At the very bottom, click “Show All”... So there are about a hundred different items here, and you can see they’re all brand names, like Toshiba, Gucci, Audi etc.

Go to the Audi Cabriolet convertible car, just click on that picture ... that’ll bring the Audi up to the big picture at the top. So here’s how it works: The price of this item starts at retail, you can see right there it’s 45,895 Euros. But notice that you can’t see the current price, which is dropping all the time (behind those question marks). To see the current price, you would have to click on the green “Show Price” button, and that costs you 50 cents? (or one DubLi Credit) . . . and 20 cents of the 50 is immediately applied to reduce the price of the car. So every time somebody bids on the car, they see a price that’s 20 cents lower than the previous bid, and then they have the option to buy the car at that price . . . OR . . . they can wait, and see if they can get it for even less, because the price keeps dropping . . . until somebody buys it.

Pretty cool, huh? Click here and register for free and don’t hesitate for too long, or someone else may snatch up the car at a more favourable price.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

SO How Do YOU Bid And How Do You Win The Mercedes?

Well, it’s like an auction and a game of skill rolled into one. In a normal auction, the highest bidder normally wins, but, with e-Lotbidder it’s the LOWEST unique bid that wins, which means prizes worth thousands could be sold for literally PENNIES! You decide what you think will be the lowest bid that nobody else will make therefore making your bid unique ... and if on the closing date of the auction your bid is the lowest unique bid,


Place as many bids as you wish ... don’t forget the more bids you make, the more you increse your chance of winning our incredible prize for pennies.

And this is the best bit ... YOUR FIRST BID IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Click here and then click the "Watch The Movie Clip!"

Happy Bidding!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Win a Mercedes Benz CLK

Play NOW ... Your first bid is FREE!

The lowest unique bidder gets to drive home the Mercedes.

Click here and then, on the next page, click on

Check this website TODAY, and prepare to be amazed!